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Surat Area


South East of the town of Surat, Southeast Queensland.




21.4 Km2


ATP 470P (Bounty 100%)

PL 71 (Bounty – 20% – Exploration rights only)


ATP 470P – Bounty, PL 71 Origin Energy


Bounty acquired 100% of ATP 470P (Formosa Downs and Redcap) which contains the Weribone East gas accumulation discovered in the Triassic age Rewan Formation.  The main target in this permit is gas/condensate in the Tinowan Formation Sands in a similar structural setting to the Churchie Gas Field to the north. The Wallabella Coal is over 16 metres thick in this area, is very gassy and offers unconventional potential similar to the Farawell Prospect in ATP 754P Southern Surat basin.

Future Work

Bounty is waiting on the renewal of this authority, and is planning seismic reprocessing prior to proof of concept drilling.