Chairman; Non-Executive Director
Qualifications: BSc. MSc, M. Aus IMM.
Experience Mr Reveleigh is a professional geologist and has nearly 50 years’ experience in the resources industry both in Australia and overseas. Early in his career, he worked in the oil industry, then spent most of his career in exploration, mine management and construction in the mineral industry. Mr Reveleigh has had extensive experience in petroleum in recent years as a director of Drillsearch Energy Limited and its Canadian subsidiary. He is a Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and a member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia. He was appointed a director and chairman in 2005.
Special responsibilities Chairman of the company; geotechnical advice.


Non-Executive Director
Qualifications: BSc.
Experience Mr Ross has had extensive experience in the private and public equity and corporate finance market in Canada, USA and Europe for 25 years. He has operated extensively in corporate asset acquisition and divestiture, review and development of corporate financing strategies, administration, compliance procedures and investor relations in North America and the Euro zone. He was a director of Circumpacific Energy Corporation (a subsidiary of Drillsearch Energy Limited) from 1992 until 2008. This required management involvement in most aspects of petroleum exploration, development and production operations in the Western Canada Basin and other areas. He was appointed a director in 2005.
Special responsibilities Audit reviews; corporate strategy.


Executive Director
Qualifications: (Hons.); PGD.Com; CPA.
Experience Mr Saraf has been the Company Secretary and CFO of Bounty group since 2014. Prior to joining Bounty, he gained significant experience in finance roles with ASX listed Origin Energy and Drillsearch Energy since 2007.
Special responsibilities Company Secretary and CFO.